Master's Degrees Grades & Policies

*The information below applies to Stanford's honor's cooperative program administered through the Stanford Center for Professional Development.


Part-time student records are reviewed by departments on a regular basis. You will be notified by your graduate department or course advisors if you do not meet the grade point average standards.

Grades are posted in AXESS by the instructors at the end of each quarter. You may log in to Axess and view your grade under the “student” tab by clicking into academic history.

You may request a change from a letter grade to the Pass/Fail or Credit/No Credit option for those courses allowing this option through AXESS by the Grading Basis Deadline.

Consult with your academic department for approval before changing to the Pass/Fail or Credit/No Credit option, as you may need a letter grade if the course is to be applied to your degree program.

If you are unable to view your grades in Axess or you would like to order an official SU transcript, you may request a transcript from the registrar’s office by following these instructions.


Honor Code

As an enrolled student in a Stanford University course, you are required to adhere to the following Stanford guidelines:

You must also carefully review the University Academic Calendar for important dates. 

HCP Student Important Dates and Deadlines: 

  1. Preliminary Study List Deadline
  2. Add/Drop Deadline (also Final Study List Deadline or Financial Drop Deadline)
  3. Grading Basis Deadline
  4. Withdrawal Deadline 

For all students taking individual graduate courses for credit, meeting a deadline will include having demonstrable proof that a message or material was sent and received successfully with a standardized date and time stamp, whether by email, mail, or phone. All deadlines are applied via the standard Pacific Time Zone (PST or PDT). Missing academic deadlines may impact your:

  • Access to the instructor’s website and course material
  • Eligibility for financial refund
  • Grades on individual assignments or for an entire course, which may be reflected on permanent Stanford transcripts
  • Eligibility for adding, dropping, or changing classes

Questions? Contact us at

Dropping a Course

You can drop graduate course(s) until 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time on the quarter’s drop deadline in order to receive full reimbursement to your original method of payment. Drop the course(s) from within Axess. The course will be removed from your Stanford transcript.

Withdrawing from a Course 

You may not drop courses after the final study list deadline, but you may withdraw from a course until the withdrawal deadline. In this case, your transcript will show a “W” (Withdraw). The university, not SCPD, will charge a per diem rate for course withdrawals after the Financial Add/Drop Deadline.

Requesting an Incomplete Course Status

Work with the course teaching team to request an “Incomplete.” This will pause your course work. You will have up to one year to resume and complete the course for credit. If your request is granted, please forward the written approval to When you are ready to resume your incomplete course, inform the course teaching team and also the Stanford Center for Professional Development via You will not need to pay tuition or additional fees again.

Taking a Voluntary Leave of Absence

Master’s degree candidates may petition their department for a voluntary leave of absence if they will not be able to maintain the required 3 units of enrollment per quarter (excluding summer). If you take a leave on or before the first day of classes, you will receive a full tuition refund and will not be included in University records as registered for the term. If you are an active student in good standing who voluntarily takes a leave after the first day of instruction, but before the term withdrawal deadline, you will receive a pro rata refund. There is no refund after the Term Withdrawal deadline. Courses in which you were enrolled after the Final Study List deadline appear on your record and show the grade of ‘W’ (withdrew). 

Summer Quarter Course Enrollment 

As an HCP student, you are not required to enroll in courses during the summer quarter. If you choose to enroll in courses during the summer quarter, you may take less than 3 units, but please note that you will still be charged for 3 units (the minimum enrollment requirement).

Repeating a Course

You may re-enroll in any completed course once for a new grade and the same number of units. The first grade will be replaced with “RP” (repeated) on your transcript and the units you earned will be erased. Only the second grade will contribute to your cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) and units earned. If you receive an “NC” (no credit) or “NP” (not passed) for the repeated course, you may enroll for a third time for a new grade. Under any other circumstances, the grades and units for the second and third completed courses will both count toward your GPA and will appear on your transcript.

NOTE: Please review the Academic Calendar and Deadlines section for drop, withdrawal, incomplete, and other important deadlines.

Course Access and Technical Requirements

With an active SUNet ID, you will be able to access the video content for your course(s) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until the end of the quarter in which you are enrolled.

Visit our technical requirements page for more information.



Stanford University requires registered students to carry adequate health insurance, regardless of where they're studying. This requirement can be met either through Cardinal Care, the university sponsored health insurance plan, or through an alternative insurance plan that meets Minimum Health Insurance Coverage Requirements established by the university.

Each year as a Stanford student, you will be automatically enrolled in Cardinal Care. You must read and acknowledge your understanding of the Cardinal Care Enrollment policy. If you wish to waive Cardinal Care, you must submit a formal waiver including proof of comparable health insurance coverage.

The waiver must be submitted by university deadlines (usually late August or early September for students studying in fall quarter). If you do not submit the waiver by the deadline, you will stay enrolled in Cardinal Care for the remainder of the coverage period and must pay all related health insurance premiums.

As an HCP student, however, you are ineligible for on-campus Vaden Health Services, and therefore you do not pay the quarterly campus health services fee.

Each year, you will receive information from the university about this and other health requirements, including details about Cardinal Care coverage and the process for waiving Cardinal Care.

For more information or to ask questions, including about the waiver process, please refer to Vaden's page on Insurance or the Vaden Health Services website.


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